Head back to the play grounds and enjoy some time with the family!

The recent pandemic around the world has affected each one of us in different ways. For some of us the social withdrawal could have taken its toll on our mental health and for others the economic crisis could have wreaked havoc on their financials. Either way we can all agree the COVID-19 has affects us all in some way or another. Though we do not have any real news on the vaccine yet, it would be a waste not to start living our lives again. Though we are not in the clear as yet, there are certain things we can do to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and ensure that we remain safe at all times. 

For families with young children, the play time which they have been used to has been taken away from them and a lot of them do not know how to occupy themselves. Children need to be kept active at a young age so that their bodies and minds are stimulated. Moreover, as adults aren’t able to get out much they are missing out on the chance to keep in shape. We have lost the ability to how out and function as normal people. However, things do seem to be looking up. The numbers do SEEM to be dropping and we are more accustomed to taking precautionary measures not. Parks and open spaces are not off limits, consider taking your kids to the park a couple of times a week to break the monotony.  

Playing ball can be a great way to relieve yourself from the boredom and still get your exercise in. not only that, buts it is a great way to bond with the kids and spend some quality family time.  Consider a trip down to the local afl store in order to pick out a football which you can all play with.  

A quality driven company.  

Though Sherrin changed ownership in 1972, it does not change the fact that the company has been around for roughly 140 years. In all those years they have never compromised on quality and till this day maintain a standard which has stood the test of time. As one of the most prominent afl store you can be sure that they have just about anything which you might be looking for. Be it balls, jerseys, or various other merchandise. 

The afl store in question is just what you need when you are looking to get back into the game and play some ball with the kids. You want to get your hands on a good quality ball so that you can maximize the quality family time when you are out playing as a family.  

Merchandise from your favorite teams  

As a family you might support one team altogether. Let us take the Geelong Cats for example. You can buy whatever merchandise you want from the Geelong cats shop which we are talking about here today. Signature balls, kits and other merchandise could come into your hands for a reasonable price if you consider visiting the shop. It would be great to play with the kids with merchandise from the team they support. The geelong cats shop is going to make al that possible for you and the family. Moreover, they also have a merchandise from a bunch of other teams. Therefore, if you are not fond of the geelong cats shop consider some of the other teams like the Brisbane Lions, Freemantle Dockers or the Adelaide Crows. 

We think it would be best if you visited the website yourself to see what they have in store. Surely they will have something or another which might be of interest to you. The shop has a bunch of stuff which may be just what you are looking for. While you are there, you might find several other things which you might want to buy. So, pop in or shop online in order to see what they are all about. It would be a great idea to go shopping together as a family as well so that everyone can get something they like. We hope this article finds you well, take care! Happy ball games! 

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