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Wearing a ring at engagement is part of tradition. Almost every new couple in the world expresses their love by exchanging rings at the day of engagement. This ring shows people that a person now belongs to someone or her/he commits with someone. An engagement ring is the sign of formal agreement among partner for future marriage.  

How to buy an engagement ring? 

An engagement ring is an important part of the formal agreement before marriage. Some people become confused before buying a ring. So, the first tip before buying a ring does research. In Australia, buy engagement ring based in Melbournebecause they provide better-quality product. Gather knowledge about the size of diamond cuts of diamond and also clarity. 

Do some research on different sizes of diamond, different cutting styles of diamond and cut quality of diamond. Choose good type of metal for an engagement ring because the type of metal for engagement ring also effect on the diamond ring. 

Mostly gold and platinum are used as a metal for an engagement ring, to give it elegant look. Give the right setting to the diamond in the ring is also necessary because it also enhances the beauty of the ring. It is also necessary to place some side stones in diamond ring. It enhances the beauty of the ring. 

The common setting of diamond: 

The setting of diamond also matters to buy engagement ring Melbourne for good setting. The most common type to place diamond is prong. The diamond is placed with the prong in the ring. These prongs are 4 to 6 in numbers. These prongs protect the diamond from being fall. The other common placement of the diamond ring is the bezel. In this type of setting, a metal stripe makes with the help of hammer. After making strip stone is placed in this place. 

The bezel is an excellent style to give elegant look for centre stone. It also gives a protection sheet to the centre stone. Halo gives elegant look to the ring. In Halo, a tiny diamond is encircled with stones. Halo is more sparkle and gives better look to the tiny diamond.  

Make tiny engagement look bigger: 

Buy engagement ring Melbourne for better size, shape and setting. Moreover, the tiny diamond looks awkward at the centre without any proper setting. To give bigger size to the diamond, place the diamond at head of white metal. It gives bigger look to the diamond ring. Placing diamond ring at head gives the same bigger look to the diamond as head have. 

Some diamonds are smaller in size. For placement of small size, diamond cluster setting is the best choice. This technique is used to maximize the sparkle of diamond and its illusion is better than using several diamonds at the same time.  

A diamond bracelet is good to show affection: 

At the wedding anniversary, a beautiful gift is necessary to strengthen the bond. Among different gifts diamond bracelets based in Melbourne is the best gift. Women love to wear diamond ring and bracelets on special occasions. This bracelet adds new collection of jewellers while also make special day more special. Keep in mind the diamond bracelets Melbourne is favourite of all women. They feel special while taking this gift. A diamond bracelet is an additional thing in giving surprising gift to the partner.  

Benefits of giving diamond as a gift: 

  • People do not buy expensive jewellery for their selves. So, buy engagement ring Melbourne as an engagement gift and diamond bracelets Melbourne to give love one special feeling.
  • Jewellery is a timeless gift. Diamond jewellery remains long lastingThe life of diamond jewellery is more than other metals. 
  • Diamond jewellery is an heirloom. After wearing diamond jewellery, it can also remain as an heirloom of a person and in bad time, a person can sale it out for money. 
  • Every age woman loves to wear jewellery. A female from all age group loves to wear jewellery. So, jewellery a gift without any age boundary. 

Gifting diamond as an investment: 

Diamond is a precious and expensive gift. Buy engagement ring Melbourne in diamond for better investment because the price of gold and diamond is surpassing day to day. A diamond bracelet Melbourne is a good choice to give a gift. Diamond is not just a gift, but it is also an investment for the future.