Wine For Every Occasion!


If there is one thing that is woven into all of our best life experiences, it is a great wine. Be it any celebration or any get together, a great wine can be the perfect complement to our food and our company. Just a sip of that wine again can take us back to that special moment in time, when we first tasted it. Psychologically, memory encoding is strengthened when we have a solid connection to go back to, and the taste of a crisp wine is often the perfect way to reminisce. As children, we grow up watching the adults enjoy the extremely fancy looking wines, and the special moments when we are allowed a sip is one of our most memorable. As adults, a good wine is a perfect complement to the best moments of our life, and it is surely in the backdrop of our marriages, celebrations, get-togethers with our loved ones, and just about every important moment in life. In tough situations, and when meeting new people, a glass of wine can be the perfect way for us to relax and unravel, and lift our self-esteem. It really can be wonder in a bottle – the magic potion of the real world.  

However, wine appraisal can be a whole different matter for wine connoisseurs. While laymen often enjoy a good wine for the memories it evokes, a wine connoisseur makes it his or her business to fully dissect every aspect and every undertone of the wine. What both laymen and aficionados can agree upon, however, is that wine can be the perfect way to make our days all the more special. In fact, many French families have a tradition of setting aside the wine produced the year their children were born and drinking it on their wedding days. There really can be no other thing so steeped in history and tradition, with such a knack for making every moment spent drinking it better. What makes it better is that there are just so many varieties that we can pick from, with each variety being perfectly distinct from the rest in terms of tastes, aromas, history and use. It really is a whole experience.  

When speaking of wine, one cannot do without mentioning white wine. Perfect for starting off an evening, white wine is light and crisp, and thus can be the perfect complement to main courses which are richer and intense. A wine with a most distinct taste is Shaw & Smith sauvignon Blanc, a fruity, citrusy wine that can be the most perfect pairing with lighter salads and shrimp, because of its freshness. With herbaceous, grassy notes coupled with more fruity flavors, Shaw & Smith sauvignon Blanc can be perfect for not just toasts, but also as a complement to meals. For those who just want to enjoy their wine as it is, sauvignon Blanc can, again, be the perfect pick! It can be your go-to wine whether you’re staying in or out, and can make your moments all the more special.

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