Learn about Swaddling your Baby 

What is swaddling  

Swaddling is the practice followed by new-moms to provide a comfortable sleep to their new-born baby. After it is ensured that the baby is not hungry or wet and it needs to sleep, the baby is wrapped in a tiny blanker or sheet tightly to mimic the comfort of the womb. The tightness of the blanket gives a secure feel to the baby which helps it sleep peacefully. The practice of newborn baby swaddle dates back to ancient times when mothers used too snugly wrap the babies to help them feel secure. Since then, this practice is followed by the mothers to help the baby sleep calmly. Newborn babies have a very delicate sleep and a slight discomfort can wake them up. Swaddling helps them have a deep peaceful sleep. This practice also helps calm crying babies.

Due to these reasons, swaddling is a popular practice in nearly all parts of the world. However, recent studies have suggested some risks related to the developing bones and joints of the child. This has become a major concern of many children who often found them in the dilemma of whether to swaddle the child for a peaceful sleep or not. This article is intended to solve your queries regarding the risks of swaddling and the recommended method to follow this practice.  

Benefits of swaddling  

As mentioned before, the practice of newborn baby swaddle dates back to old times when mothers used to wrap their newborn babies in a piece of cloth for a peaceful sleep. Despite the growing concerns related to the child’s joints and bones, this practice is still popularly used today and there are a number of reasons for that. Swaddling your baby through the right way can be really benefitting for the baby without exposing it to any risk. Some of the prime benefits are; 

  • Swaddling provides the child with the comfort and security as that of womb so the child sleeps longer and more peacefully.  
  • Due to a calm and peaceful sleep, the baby experiences less anxiety, even when the baby grows up. This is because anxiety is directly related to the peaceful sleep. If you have restless nights, you are more likely to experience anxiety.  
  • With swaddling, you no longer need toys and stuffed animals to make the child feel secure. This not only lowers your expenses, but also helps in making the child less dependent on toys. The child is also exposed to different diseases due to germs on toys. With swaddling, you eliminate those risks of diseases.  
  • Babies often have the habit of sucking thumb or scratching their face. Swaddling helps them escape from this habit. With their arms tightly wrapped in the blanket, they cannot scratch their face or suck their thumb.  
  • A newborn babies needs to be carried all the time. This can be often exhausting for the parents. Swaddling mimics the human touch so the baby sleeps peacefully even when you’re not carrying it.  

The possible risks 

The practice of swaddling has been followed for centuries, but the recent studies do suggest some possible risks. Many children showed signs of affected mobility and underdeveloped hips. Some children also suffered from knee-knocking, which is considered to be the result of swaddling. However, on the brighter side, these risks are only existent if you do not swaddle your child the right way. The detailed things to avoid during swaddling will be discussed in the next section, but as for the general instructions, avoid swaddling your child too tightly. This means leaving some room for her baby’s leg movement. Also, keep some room for the baby to bend her legs.  

What to avoid when swaddling 

In order to minimise the risks attached to swaddling, take note of the following points.

  1. Don’t swaddle too tightly. Leave some room for the baby to be able to move its legs.
  2. Don’t cover the face or neck of the baby with the blanket.
  3. Avoid using blanket that is too thick for the weather. Use a thin sheet or blanket.
  4. Don’t practice swaddling when the risks of SIDS are at peak.
  5. Don’t let someone else swaddle your baby if they aren’t trained for it.




Four Eco-Friendly Baby Gift Ideas

Think of some of the happiest moments of your life and one of the first things to pop up in your mind would either be the birth of your first child, baby shower or your kid’s first birthday. Events and milestones related to children are not only cherished by the parents; entire family, friends, and acquaintances love to take part in the revels of celebrations and pour their hearts out to spoil the newborns and their parents alike. On one hand, your close friends share creative ideas on how to make your baby shower memorable forever, and on the other hand, your relatives bring the cutest of gifts for your little one. If you are one of those relatives and want to give your little nieces and nephews some of the best presents out there, you must go for the organic products.

Being millennial’s and post-millennial’s, we all care about our environment, the well-being of upcoming generation and inculcating healthy habits in children right from their infancy. Organic baby gifts serve to fulfil all these aspirations as they are eco-friendly, don’t wreak havoc on toddlers’ delicate skins while keeping them safe and secure, and are manufactured under ethical principles and guidelines. We have happily shortlisted for you some great baby gifts: 

‘Green’ baby crib 

What was once termed cradle is now called baby crib, and from here begins the first learning curve in the life of a modern baby. Seize this opportunity to teach the kid their first lesson in bio-diversity by gifting them a clever baby crib made with sustainable pinewood – widely imported from New Zealand. This type of wood is finished in a lead-free manner and is nontoxic. Such cribs are often convertible into a toddler bed and later on, to a daybed so as to fit in your guest room. Be sure to buy along the auxiliary conversion kit.  

Organic Cotton Robe 

Nothing adorns a child’s closet as charmingly as pulpy cotton robes do. They make infants irresistibly cute and tremendously comfortable. Being an uncle or aunt, your job is to create ease for the already engaged parents by offering them 100% certified organic cotton robe for their cherub. For a newborn, such newborn baby gifts are by far a superior present than, say, toys which will only rust out until the kid becomes able to play with them.  The baby will feel so cozy cuddling into this robe after taking a bath, and the parents will feel good knowing that their child is being rubbed against a safe material.  

BPA-free Sippy Cups  

If you have never wondered about the type of bottles and cups you use at your home for your children, you better begin to think about it now. Manufacturing of plastic feeders and cups often involves bisphenol-A or BPA, which brings estrogen-mimicking properties in the kid’s body. So going for BPA-free sippy cups is important before you decide to gift them to your little ones. Much to your chagrin, there are myriad other chemicals such as BPF, BPS, and Polyvinyl chloride that contaminate the plastic and ultimately your kid’s body. You need to be careful of these too, as the mere BPA-free label might well be a facade. 

Natural baby teethers 

Apart from cosy hugs, one of the best-known ways to help tranquillise your baby and help them become familiar with their mouth is with the use of a teether. These US-made wooden teethers come in various cute designs and are perfect for your little bub’s mouth. Their quintessential organic children gifts nature makes them a must-have if you are looking for a useful yet ‘user-friendly’ gift for the newborn consumer. These teethers are also durable and can be seeped in vinegar so as to be sanitised.  

If you are also looking for perfect presents for your loved ones’ offspring and are perplexed that where to get these from, you need not worry and search products with these amazing qualities in the quagmire that is Amazon. Look around and you will get to know a one-stop shop in Australia where you can find all kinds of organic baby gifts without any hiccups. With bonus offerings such as free-delivery, option to customise gift hampers and surprise notes, The Baby Gift Company is Australia’s most sought out destination when it comes to baby and mother gifts.